Body Correction Therapy 

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The Best in Postural Deviation & Pain Management!

We offer neuromuscular therapy and massage

focusing on:

-structural deviation

-musculo-skeletal conditions and syndromes

-physical pain and injury

-post surgery and healing

-muscle conditioning and mobility

-reduce arthritic pain/increase flexibility

Each "Body Correction" treatment is tailored to your specific needs and addresses most aspects of pain relating to your body's overall functioning.

Goals of "Body Correction" is to allow you to 

 -avoid prescription drugs and surgery

-reach optimal performance

-play at your highest potential

-feel your best

-achieve at the office


Why Massage & Bodywork Is For You....


Live Without Pain 

Our services will offer you a way to live without pain and feel youthful and vibrant in your everyday lives. By receiving  regular massage and bodywork treatments  you can avoid doctor visits, chiropractic care and prescription drugs for pain and encourage your body to feel and heal naturally.

Improve Flexibility

Quality Living

Healthy Alternatives

Prevent Surgery

Improve Emotional Health

Our services will offer each individual a better emotional response to  the stress in their lives. Feel confident, restful and renewed with massage and bodywork . Improve your energy levels with our services and feel at ease at the end of your day. 

Improve Attitude & Focus

Build Emotional Awareness

Improve Work Performance

Increase Emotional Stamina

Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation 

Perform at your highest level with sports massage and bodywork treatments. Our services will add elasticity to your muscles and  make you feel light on your feet. Our services will help you to avoid injury  and keep your body functioning on an optimal level.

Improve Performance

Fast Injury Rehabilitation

Avoid Surgical Procedures

Heightened Awareness and Focus