Body Correction Therapy 

As pain becomes more of an unmanageable epidemic in this country, many are looking to take their lives into their own hands. We are now offering at home services for couples and families that aspire to live healthier, improve the quality of life and combat pain, injury and rehabilitate without prescription drugs. 
We offer techniques that address
 postural correction/ structural massage
chronic stiffness and immobility 
sciatica and most nerve pain 
arthritis & muscular syndromes 
shin splints and extremity discomfort
 shoulder impingement
and more!
Our professional and knowledgeable staff will consult with you and offer knowledgeable practices that will help your body to heal quickly and naturally.


2 clients per visit.....$250 (4 clients max.)
*Each visit is a 60 minute treatment*

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Packages are available!